"Pretty Boy" Jett the Battlebabe

An exotic looking man in display-ware with a striking face, merciless eyes, and a muscular body.


To his friends he is known as Jett, but his friends are few and far between. To most he is known as “Pretty Boy,” an enigma of the wastes to some, and a whirling dervish of violence and mayhem to others. Nobody knows where Pretty Boy came from, but rumors about him are quite common given his devilish good looks, notorious skills, and his eccentric habits. Some claim that Pretty Boy was the “pet” of one of the last great Hardholders, and that he learned to read during that time. Others claim that Pretty Boy feeds on the souls of his victims and that his sex appeal is meant to lure prey. Some even claim that he is the high priest of a erotic death cult. But for every diabolic and infamous story there are contrasting stories mentioning good deeds, and strange acts of kindess. Whatever the truth is, no one would argue that Pretty Boy is a dynamic and polarizing figure of the wastes.

This wasn’t the first time I’d been on the run and it surely wouldn’t be the last, but I had to admit, I felt a tad-bit responsible for the chaos and destruction that was being unleashed at The Wildli Zoo. How was I suppose to know that the slaves would be so eager to fight for their freedom, or that the big basin of steaming blue water in the High Priestesses sanctum wasn’t a luxurious bath but a sacred “nectar from the Gods.” One of her young acolytes Cloe didn’t seem opposed to rutting in the frothy blue liquid, she even seem to like the danger of the moment. But as good a lay as Cloe was, I must admit I’ve felt a little strange since exiting The Zoo in great haste. Not to mention, It was pretty clear that the slaves had built up a bit of hostility towards their…“masters.” Perhaps I shouldn’t have released them after all. I think it all worked out for the best though…if the slaves hadn’t raised such a ruckus I probably wouldn’t have made it to Schonen…then again, sure I would have.

Hunger is a common feeling in this shit-hole place we call home. What use is it to look the part? When somebody sees that desperation on your face and that need in your eyes they got ya by the balls already. There gonna try and make a deal with you on THEIR terms, and I’ve found those terms always blow. Still, options are limited and the good things in life are few and far between. That’s why I take em where I can get em, and right now I’m just praying for a refreshing bath and thorough scrubbing…ohh I like the sound of that.

I’ve seen a lot of places though and they all have their baggage and issues. I’m sure this place is no different, but I’m runnin a little low on scratch and my lifestyle doesn’t come cheap. Maybe if I’m lucky I find something worth keeping…or worth savoring a bit. In the meantime, I’ll keep cleaning up the blight and dream along the way.

"Pretty Boy" Jett the Battlebabe

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