Healer with poorly-controlled psychic powers


Name: Stitch

Look: a white-haired young woman with a lively face, clear eyes, and a sturdy body. She’s wearing a heavy black canvas coat with scraps of metal and plastic sewn into the lining, and a pair of black leather gloves that she never takes off. A decorative pin from the Days Before is pinned to her lapel. It features a picture of a toothy blue monster and her name in red letters. (Stitch can read.)

Stats: Cool+1 Hard+1 Hot=0 Sharp+2 Weird-1


  • Healing Touch: when you put your hands skin-to-skin on a wounded person and open your brain to them, roll+weird. On a 10+, heal 1 segment. On a 7-9, heal 1 segment, but you’re acting under fire from your patient’s brain. On a miss: first, you don’t heal them. Second, you’ve opened both your brain and theirs to the world’s psychic maelstrom, without protection or preparation. For you, and for your patient if your patient’s a fellow player’s character, treat it as though you’ve made that move and missed th roll. For patients pelonging to the MC, their experience and fate are up to the MC.
  • Touched by Death: whenever someone in your care dies, you get +1weird (max +3)

Hx: Amalia=0, Ash+1, Jett=0, Piper+1

angel kit (6-stock)
big knife (2-harm hand)
oddments worth 1-barter
casual wear plus utility. (coveralls, gloves, and the reinforced coat: 1 armor)


Stitch the Angel fled her hardhold just ahead of an murderous mob determined to erradicate all “witches.” The madness started when this year’s grain crop turned black and withered without ripening. Stitch and her crew were targeted for their supernatural healing talents despite (or perhaps because of) their inability to use them reliably. Buzz broke his foot a few days ago and K.O. stayed behind to guard him. Stitch left a rifle and most of their water with her friends and went on ahead to get help. They are probably dead by now.

Besides food, Stitch desperately needs water. She hasn’t had anything to drink for more than 24 hours. She also needs to get transportation back down the road, hoping against hope to get there before predators, roaming gangs, or thirst kills the people she loves most.

One of the characters put a hand in when it mattered, and helped me save a life. A couple years back, I took a contract from a woman named Katrin (paid in advance and everything) to patch up her brother Heartburn, who had been injured while working for his bike gang. unfortunately, Heartburn had angered his leader somehow, who tied him by his ankles to the rafters of the gang’s garage. Amalia pulled some strings to get me in and all of us out again. Amalia takes Hx +2 with me.

One of them has been beside you and has seen everything you’ve seen. Piper considers me a friend, even though I don’t really believe in Fire, I am respectful of her faith and appreciative of the way that faith helps bring people together. It makes my job easier. And well, after Piper warned us about the mob, maybe I believe, just a little bit. Renee’s character takes Hx+2 with me.

One of them, you figure doomed to self-destruction. Everyone’s heard of Pretty Boy, and I’ve even seen him around here and there. I know the type: like falling stars, beautiful and short-lived. I don’t let myself get too close to people like that. My job is heartbreaking enough as it is. Jett taks Hx-1 with me.

Everyone else, I’m an open book. Ash, I figure I helped you out by doing what I do best: putting people back together. Maybe I even stitched up that scar over your eye. Ash takes Hx+1 with me.


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